Dorothy L. “Dot” ( Relahan) Pastore

PORTLAND – Dorothy “Dot” Pastore, 89, an extraordinary woman of kindness, compassion, and warmth, passed away peacefully in the early morning of June 7, 2016 at Maine Medical Center. She was surrounded by her loving family. 

Dot was born in Calais Maine on March 14, 1927. The daughter of Philip M. and Eva M. (Gagnon) Relahan, Dot was the second of three children. She and her older sister, Phyllis and younger brother John “Jack” were inseparable best friends. As a young girl Dot began her life of caregiving with countless hours reading to her younger brother Jack. As she and her siblings grew up the Relahan clan took every chance they could to go dancing wherever the music was playing. And, if the stories are true, they were the best jitterbug dancers around.    

In her teenage years, Dot and her family relocated to Portland, Maine, a place where Dot would eventually call home. Dot began working in Portland at the State Unemployment office where she began many lifelong friendships. One of those close friends set her up on a blind date with Michael “Mike” Pastore, a kind and respectful guy who had recently returned from the Korean War. This date soon led to many others, and within two years they were married and started a family. 

Dot and Mike were blessed to have a boy and a girl, Philip and Mary, who they raised in the Riverside area of Portland. Dot, naturally, was an affectionate and loving mother who devoted all of her time and energy to being a full-time mom until working for Central Maine Power later in life. 

Some of Dots most treasured times were spending beautiful days with family and friends at their Little Sebago cottage, and spending time with the family dog Jasper, a stubborn Jack Russell Terrier filled with her same spunky Irish personality. 

Although Dot had a special connection with Jasper and just about everyone she met, one of her most special bonds was with her brother Jack, who shared the story that when he was in the US Navy for four years of duty, he received a letter from Dot every day wherever he was stationed. 

The endless love that Dot had for her family and friends was strong, and she readily shared that love and patience with all. She touched many lives and her loving spirit and energy will continue to live and flourish through her family. 

Dot is predeceased by her older sister Phyllis M. Meredith. She is survived by her husband of 59 years, Mike Pastore; brother “Jack” Relahan and his wife Jill of Connecticut; two children, son Philip M. Pastore and his wife Andrea of Scarborough; daughter Mary D. Thomas and her husband Travis of Saco; and three grandchildren, Anthony Pastore, Allie Pastore and Angelea Thomas. 

A mass will be held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 11 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 673 Stevens Ave., Portland. Following mass, friends and family are invited to celebrate Dot’s life at Phil and Andrea’s home in Scarborough. {jcomments on}



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